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About David Hoffmeister ACIM Miracles. David Hoffmeister and the Awakening Mind teachers live the experience of the non-dual teaching A Course In Miracles (ACIM), having discovered it to be a clear, direct path to God. The function of Love/Spirit is to extend. David's life is an extension of Love's presence and an invitation to abide in Peace.

Spirit comes first. Our function is healing.

About David Hoffmeister ACIM Miracles

ACIM love David Hoffmeister

ACIM Love David Hoffmeister

ACIM Love David Hoffmeister has touched the lives of thousands with his consistently peaceful state of mind, radiant joy and dedication to Truth. He is a modern day mystic who travels the world sharing the message of Love, Oneness and Freedom across six continents. For those who hope that enlightenment in this lifetime is possible, David is pure inspiration. Joined with the Awakening Mind teachers, David supports Awakening through inspirational gatherings and retreats, in-depth teaching materials and an expansive internet ministry. Together they live a devotional life, relying completely on Divine Providence.


Miracles of Love
​You have come upon a foundation dedicated to enlightenment. Forgiveness dissolves illusion and restores a state of mind that delights in experiencing the Present Moment! Enlightenment is a Free Gift and so are all the ideas available for accepting It. Throughout this website you will find resources that we happily share with you in support of awakening to the truth of Who we are.

We welcome you to join our large global mailing list in the Circle of Support for inspirational messages and information about gatherings, and to sign up to receive our Living Miracles newsletters.  David radiates the experience that can be reached through single-minded devotion to forgiveness. “Seek and ye shall find” and “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” are statements of destiny. All of the streams and rivers of consciousness must eventually arrive at the Ocean of Self in God!

David and the Awakening Mind teachers live the experience of the non-dual teaching A Course In Miracles (ACIM), having discovered it to be a clear, direct path to God. The time for words and concepts is almost over. Now we seek direct experience. We gladly lay aside techniques and repetitions and rituals, that we may come to experience the still Reality within. We claim the Peace and Happiness and Love that is our Inheritance, and we come with empty hands and open arms to receive and give the blessed miracles given us to share.

As we look around, we see that mighty companions have gathered beside us for this joyous ascent. A friend’s a friend forever in the Spirit of Love. The welcome never ends, for those who walk this Way see their brothers and sisters as themselves. The Holy Relationship has at last come into awareness, blessing everyone and everything. The blanket of peace has spread across the face of the earth. Tranquility and Grace are accepted! 

Prayer is the medium of staying in Connection, in Communion, and we pray unceasingly. God is Good! If you wish to contact us we would love to hear from you!  The Foundation for the Awakening Mind is supported through donations and the “Love offerings” we receive. When Enlightenment is deeply desired, the means are always provided. 

​At the Foundation for the Awakening Mind we Value What is Forever Free! We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt, non-profit, publicly supported Foundation devoted to the Purpose of experiencing Inner Peace. Our curriculum is learning forgiveness. Our means are miracles. Our End is Enlightenment/Salvation Now. In God we trust.

David's Most Recent Book is entitled: Unwind Your Mind Back to God: Experiencing A Course In Miracles.

Since the early 1990s David Hoffmeister has sat with students of Awakening, practically applying the metaphysics in a miraculous way.  The conversations in this book provide loving comfort for the heart and crisp, uncompromising truth for the mind that's done with confusion, illusion, and roles. By Laying the Foundation, Unlearning the World, and fully applying the Transfer of Training, awareness of Peace is restored.

David Hoffmeister will be speaking at the 2016 ACIM Conference in Las Vegas! Come and listen to David and other inspiring speakers!  The weekend includes presentations, 4 all-you-can-eat buffets, a dance party, Sunday Service, and more.  Mention that you heard about the conference from David Hoffmeister,  and there's a greater chance that you'll hear him speak to the whole conference.

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In a radical departure from traditional spiritual cinema, David Hoffmeister embraces Hollywood movies as modern-day parables for spiritual awakening, turning the universal pastime of movie-watching into a portal for a whole new perspective on Life. Step back, relax, and laugh as you learn to see the Big Picture. Allow MWGE to be your gentle guide to a present experience of Enlightenment. You don’t have to meditate in a cave for years to change your mind about the world. Invite a friend, make some popcorn, and enjoy waking up with the movies. Online Movie Watcher's Guide | How to Watch Movies
Enlightenment = The falling away of the idea of a separate self (ego)

Our approach focuses on the Guidance of the Spirit within, which acts as an inner compass allowing the form of the path to be given moment by moment. This is a practical, direct, and single-pointed approach where absolutely everything in our daily lives is used for one Purpose: to come to the experience of true freedom. The Spirit meets us where we believe we are, unwinding and taking us deeper and deeper into an expansion of the mind to the awareness that there is no separate self. Stepping stones were Given to gently bring us along the path into the Present moment, where the idea of a path disappears in the release of all concepts and the recognition that there was never anything wrong  (and no path to walk on!)

A Community of Mystics

David Hoffmeister has traveled extensively for 35 years, in 44 countries and in 49 states in the United States, sharing the experience of God's unconditional Love that is reached through forgiveness. David travels the world shining the Light of God's Love wherever there is a strong Invitation. One by one, this group of devoted friends heard the Call and answered it, traveling all over the globe sharing the Message of the Holy Spirit. As they joined with David, here a community was formed. They are a small group of individuals who are Guided to join and abide together in support of Awakening. Ultimately, "the Answer" does not come from a community or a teacher, but the Spirit will use these symbols to gently open the mind to the experience that they are pointing to. No one can give you what you deny yourself.

Meeting these Devoted Friends

Acknowledging that truth is within the Mind, this group of mystics invites you to join them in their shared purpose, allowing the Presence to Guide the way. It is always fresh and new; they never know the direction it will take. You are welcome to join them at any of the coming events around the world!!!